Street Photography

Street Photography

Some time ago I participated in a photographic workshop with renowned Czech photographer Jan Šibík. Šibík has worked in war-torn areas the world over and his work was recognized by World Press Photo in 2003. The workshop focused primarily on street photography, looking at the things people are doing in the public space. It made for an interesting experience as even in public, people feel they have a right to privacy and are not always keen on being photographed – understandably so. Overcoming the bashfulness and reluctance to jam a camera in someone’s face turned out to be quite the struggle. I’m still not sure that there is not something undignified about photographing people like that, especially when they’re in a vulnerable position, when they’re not necessarily happy about what they’re doing and/or doing what they’re doing voluntarily. It felt a little exploitative, although I’ll acknowledge I have a right as a (rank amateur) photographer to document what I see and experience in the public space.


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