Starting the New Year with Beer

Starting the New Year with Beer

Visiting Chicago, we stopped by a Trader Joe’s store. I checked out the beer aisle. They carry a number of interesting brews – among them, this store-brand ‘Vienna Style Lager’, a beer of Trader Joe’s own concoction. I don’t think there is such a thing as ‘Vienna style’ lager, and I’ve never heard of Austrian beer generally being of note, but perhaps my time spent in Prague has eclipsed otherwise worthy beers. Still, it baffles me that TJ would invoke Vienna to market its beer. What is more baffling yet is that the photo on the packaging is of a Prague landmark – it’s the old city hall on the Old Town Square (Panorama photo on Google Maps – note the disembodied legs!). Surely, the marketing people at Trader Joe’s should be able to find a presentable Viennese building to help sell their lager, no?


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